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Frozen Beef Meatballs in Tomato Sauce W/ Pasta - Instant Pot

I was tired after an appointment and I had gone snooping at a local farm stand we have, which always makes me feel better. I found a freezer full of various meatballs. I will try turkey next time. I purchased a large bag for $9.00 and decided I'd make it part of my Instant Pot experimentation.

This recipe is all mine, developed by me just for you. I am very happy with it. I made it in my 6 quart Instant Pot, it can easily be made in a 3 or 8 quart. I was making a meal for one keep that in mind. It could feed two no problem just add more pasta and meatballs, and maybe 1/2 cup more liquid.

I also bought a small loaf of bread at the farm stand. So none of this is made from scratch. I however know I speak to many women who need good meals fast and don't have all day to make something for dinner like I do.

I added a can of tomato soup and one and a half cans of chicken broth to the pot. Then I added a handful of shell pasta I had in the freezer. I then placed maybe 10 meatballs in…

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