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Pineapple-Coconut Mickey Mouse Cake

I sent darling hubby to the store for a nice ripe pineapple, preferably already cored and peeled. He returned with a $7.00 ( yes, $7.00! ) box of pineapple slices. I tasted them and ...yuck, not sweet. I smiled and thanked him for bringing me what I asked for and then I decided to puree it into small chunks, add sugar, and make a compote.

The plan had been to make Pineapple Dole Whip in my ice cream maker. Now it would become something else. This mixture once cooked down make one and a half pint of cooked pineapple.

My friend Madelaine Harris once told me of her quick applesauce cake. I made notes and decided to try to make pineapple cake instead. I do not have any pre-packaged cake mixes so I looked one up, and use the recipe to make this cake. In essence, this is three recipes in one. Apple cake, a pre-made dry cake mix, and a pineapple cake. Enjoy.

Applesauce cake - Madeline Harris:

The kids love it warm with cinnamon and a tad brown sugar.   I make it with no sweeteners.  For a qui…

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