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Dehydrating & Making Vegetable Powders For Storage

I think you need a small dehydrator. They are very inexpensive and they are workhorses for food storage. Many people get very creative with their dehydrator but I like simple one-product-at-a-time things. I purchased a half bushel of my favorite sweet red peppers and I roasted some, froze them, and I dehydrated a small amount--eight, I think. I sliced them into strips and put them in my 7 shelf Nesco dehydrator. I purchased it for $35.00 on Amazon and it has served me well for years now.

The strips were beautiful and I could have used my jar attachment food saver to close of the jars and be done with it but I had a feeling I would use the peppers in powder form much more so I placed them in my grinder and made these two-quart jars into powder. It took up so much less space in these little jars. I can add this powder to everything from stews to pizza dough. I will seal the jars with my food saver and keep them safe till I need them.

Next year I will dehydrate the roasted peppers as we…

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