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Yellow Orbs of Summer Bliss - Yellow Plum Jam

I think I am done. Phew, it is always exciting to try to do better than you did before but it can be a commitment you wonder why you made. I am so glad I did.

I must confess to you that I do not eat jam. I have never bought it unless for a recipe of some kind and even then I can't remember when I did even that. But let me tell you how wonderful it feels to touch all the beautiful summer produce and have the joy of playing in the kitchen and smelling the divine perfume of the fruit simmering as the aroma permeates the house. I started humming as the sugar and fruit slowly boil into golden bubbles in the pan and slowly turn into a magnificent honey like consistency. 

Then to know this can be kept all winter and when the blizzard throws a tantrum and lashes the house, I can get a small jar of this nectar and make a cake or pancakes or warm some brie and sit under a thick blanket and hide while eating the "jams of summer." It just makes me smile to think about. The majority…

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