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Korean Beef Bulgogi - Instant Pot

The quest continues to learn the best way to use this multi-cooking device. I am in love with the yogurt function and regardless of anything else I will always have a Pot in the house for this feature alone.

Now on to the job of making the main dish with it for dinner. It is important to note that though the cooking process is fast, the before and after of pressure cooking does add about the same amount of time as the actual cooking time, so judge the tool by that, not the hype you read everywhere.

I think a thinly sliced beef that cooks in 25 minutes and can be ready for a nice natural release of 20 minutes is a good dinner ready fast. No fry pan, no mess on the stove, and soft meat with a lovely sauce ready to go on rice, in a tortilla type wrap, or a lettuce wrap is a great meal.

I made this with a compilation of ideas from recipes I have not made in a pressure cooker. I liked the result and so did my family.

The meat was an outside round roast that I sliced into thin strips. I por…

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